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Information for contact

Monte do Peral, Rua do Calvário, CP 165, 7250-202 Alandroal (Monte juntos) Tel: +351-268.469.153; Tlm: +351-969.234.220 and +351-961.496.761 e-mail: info@montedoperal.com  GPS:    38º31´55.78´´N  –  7º21´14.20´´W  (degrees, minutes, seconds) GPS:     38.54235º – 7.34841º  (decimal degrees)



Privacy policy

Of all the personal data you gave us for the reservation or for the invoice, we keep in storage: your name; your a-mailadress; your phone-number and the room, the data and the price.of your stay. These data are stored on an external disc. We use these data to know if you are a returning guest when you make a new reservation; returning geusts get a discount. All the personal data we recieve on our website (www.montedoperal.com) will be removed within a month. We don´t share your personal data with other companies.